Uniquely Programmed Individual

October 24, 2007 § 1 Comment

“It is the ego who considers himself the doer…there is the programmed body-mind instrument, and there is an ego. And one of the worst confusions is in this area. When the eyes sees something, when the eyes read something, ears hear something, the nose smells something, then there is a reaction….the reaction that happens, happens in a body-mind organism. It is not your reaction. You are not angry, you are not afraid, you are not a compassionate person…anger arises, fear arises, compassion arises…All that has happened is, each body-mind organism has responded precisely as it is supposed to according to the programing…When you see a reaction in a person, …the human being is a 3 dimensional object, each uniquely programmed instrument and what happens to each uniquely programmed instrument during it’s span of life, is what I call the destiny of that body-mind instrument…This destiny that’s stamped at the moment of conception. In other words, every conception has it’s destiny…”
-Ramesh Balsekar



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